Is your level of English holding you back? Discover our brand new English Language Course

Relocating to the UK for the first time can be challenging, even for those with an Advanced level of English. It is undeniable that there will be some obstacles that you will face, (such as getting used to the UK’s unpredictable weather!) but don’t let learning a new language get in the way of building your future career. 

For the first time, Blu Global is about to launch an Intensive 10 week face-to-face English language course. Aiming to help you reach the required level of English that is needed to successfully work within the UK.

If you feel that you need to improve your English to gain entry to one of our many vacancies, we can ensure that you are fully equipped with all the right skills to kick-start your career.

Course Overview

This new 10-week English Language Course will consist of 2 lessons a week, each session will last 2.5 hours. During these sessions, you will develop your vocabulary, CV writing skills and specific interview techniques that will help you deal with real life situations.

The course will support you in developing your confidence and ability in your day-to-day interactions and importantly how to create a great first impression with your new employer.

Our small class sizes, containing no more than 10 students ensure that you will receive a higher level of one to one interaction with your tutor; allowing us to tailor the lesson to your needs and providing you with the best chance to improve your English.

Course locations

We’re very flexible! We have a selection of professionally trained tutors that are based in within Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. We will soon be expanding to many more European Countries such as Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia. You will be placed in a group with learners within the same geographical area. We will then host our event in a nearby location. Everything we do is with you in mind.

How much will it cost?

You will be required to make the initial payment of 75€ which will be a contribution to the cost of the course.

Once the 10-week course is completed and you have been successfully accepted into one of our vacancies you will then be required to pay £250 over the course of 5 weeks. This payment will only need to be made if you have been successful with starting employment within the UK.

What will happen after the course?

So you’ve completed the English Language Course and you feel like you’re ready to take on the world of work. We can help you find suitable employment that matches your skills and experiences with one of our many prestigious clients who are based in the UK. This is your opportunity to discover what the UK has in store for you!

To apply for the Blu Global English language Course get in contact with our English Language Course Coordinator here:

Blu Global recruitment have opened a new office in Rome!

We are excited to announce that we have opened our first In-Country Office in Rome, Italy. With this new addition, we now have offices all throughout Europe including; UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and now Italy!

This new addition now means we are closer to all of our Italian In-Country Freelance Recruiters and help make the recruitment process with our Italian candidates a little easier. With Rome being the major capital within Italy for international finance, culture and business, opening our In- Country office here was a natural choice.

Meet the team at our new office!

Marco Martinelli – Meet Marco, our In-Country manager responsible for all activity within Italy, Malta and Slovenia. With a master’s degree in Business Management at the Universita Cattolica in Milan and a second HR Specialist Master’s course at Il Sole 24 Ore Business School in Rome and extensive experience within human resources, it was clear to us that he would be perfect in leading our In-country Italian team.

Chieara Bonsignore– Meet Chieara, our new Recruitment Consultant. Chiara’s educational background started with studying languages and history in Brussels, and additionally supported by a Bachelor and Master’s in International Cooperation and Development that have broadened her interests. Chieara is fluent in Italian, French and English and a has a great understanding of Spanish too. Chiara likes to read books or watch American TV series as well as spending time with her friends and taking her dog for long walks.

Welcome to our new Blu Global office – Rome!


Get in touch with our In-Country office Rome:

+39 0642 272 239

Blu Global Ltd
Via Antonio Salandra 18
00187, Roma (RM)