5 reasons why you should choose a career in care

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably considering a career in care, or perhaps just interested in what some of the benefits are of being a care worker.

First thing you need to know, is that working as a Carer doesn’t mean you need years of qualified experience, if you have voluntary or even personal experience in providing care and have a compassionate, naturally caring nature (having a sense of humour helps too!), then there’s a good chance that becoming a care worker is the right career choice for you.

To help with your decision, we’ve listed 5 reasons why you should choose a career in social care:

 1 – People are living longer!

The number of people aged 85+ in England increased by almost a third over the last decade and will more than double over the next two decades. With this growing, ageing population, it comes as no surprise that we need Carers now more than ever. Because so many people are living longer, this means by 2025 we’ll need enough workers to fill an extra 275,000 jobs!

2 – The job satisfaction is enormous

Ask anyone that works within care and you’ll hear this over and over again, that working within care is one of the most rewarding professions to be a part of. You’ll be providing more than just a service you’ll become a companion, a friend and most importantly you’ll be there for someone when they need it the most. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re giving something back to the community and the sense of pride knowing that you’re contributing to making someone’s life just a little easier.

 3 – It’s not a desk job

If you’re the kind of person who finds the idea of being stuck behind a desk all day uninspiring, then maybe working in care is something to consider. No two days are ever the same! From attending different homes, helping with housework, attending to medical or hygiene needs, assisting with their daily activities and supporting families, you’re always involved in a diverse range of activities day to day.

4 – Not much experience? No problem!

Full training will be provided and you will always have on-call support from your organisation. The help, support and advice you’ll receive from your fellow colleagues will set you on the path to a successful career. And don’t forget you can gain further qualifications as you’re working – essentially you’re being paid to learn! Anything is possible with determination and hard work.

5 – You can see the results of your hard work

No matter who you care for, your hard work lays the foundations for your patients to improve their standard of living. Each patient is different but the work you put in every day really can change their lives, and change yours!


If you’re interested in starting a career working within the care industry check out our vacancies below:




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We are excited to announce that we have opened our first In-Country Office in Rome, Italy. With this new addition, we now have offices all throughout Europe including; UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and now Italy!

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